Javelina Jallucinations

September 28th, 2020 12:00 AM MST
Virtual Race

Registration Opens: September 16th, 2020

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About the Race

Open your mind and take a trip with us this October! Welcome to Javelina Jallucinations—the race where you don’t know if you’re all together there or not! Strange things can happen when you run 100 miles and we want to challenge you to embrace the strange this October as we lead up to the mind-bending Jalloween celebration that is Javelina Jundred! 

Whether you are already planning to run Javelina or you are living vicariously through the vibrant photos and videos from year’s past, Javelina Jallucinations is your opportunity to let your imagination run wild and join in this year’s party from wherever you may be! 

Participants will have five weeks from September 28th through November 1st to participate in our shenanigans! Runners will choose between a “Jundred Mile Challenge” or our “Jero’s Journey” designed to keep runners moving, motivated, and mostly sane. We also invite the kiddos along this journey with our "Javelina Jopeful" Challenge!

Each week runners are issued additional challenges and have a chance to earn digital badges along the course!

2020 has gone to “JELL” so why not treat yourself this October to a warped sense of recreation! Join us and a bunch of weirdos who like to run ‘jundreds’ of miles for Javelina Jallucinatons!

About Aravaipa Running
Aravaipa Running is a locally owned runner-driven organization in Arizona that promotes or and organizes trail and ultra running events across the southwest.

Jundred Mile Challenge ($65.00)


Jero's Journey ($65.00)


Javelina Jopefuls: Kid's Jun ($35.00)


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